Anomalous heat melted the road in Australia

Anomalous heat melted the road in Australia

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The road surface turned into a viscous porridge, stick to wheels.

Recently in Australia start happening kind of hell: the asphalt boils and melts, and the molten substance, in turn, completely covers the wheels of passing cars, according to .

The Department of transport and main roads already blocked some of the tracks.

Below attached photo of the truck Bridgit Daly. The man notes that several hours trying to get out of the sticky puddle. He compared my truck with insects that came to the sticky tape.

The drivers blame it on bad roads, while power — heat. However, in Australia the road was originally built under the climate of the continent, so they don’t have to boil.

On the roads, by the way, is the transport of minerals by means of special freight trains. Therefore, the quality of asphalt fully complies with the standards: roads designed for the anomalous heat.Certain additional heat comes from under the ground. Groundwater processes engineers could not foresee. Earlier we wrote that the cause of the anomalous warming this year are the fusion processes in the bowels of the earth with renewed vigor.


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