Doctors told how time of year affects the risk of obesity

Doctors told how time of year affects the risk of obesity

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Swedish researchers conducted an experiment and determined which children are more susceptible to widespread disease is obesity.

This fact affects the time of year when the baby was conceived. This writes with reference to .

The experiment showed that if a child is conceived in the cold season, and he was born closer to the end of the year, it will have brown fat. This means that this type of fat cells are able to burn white fat (it stores energy) with the aim of obtaining energy.Researchers found that rodents that mated to the lower temperatures had a greater level of brown fat. However, there is reason to believe that it can affect the conditions in which lived the parents before conception of the child.

The study showed that the temperature to of conception in females rodents had no effect on adipose tissue in males, it played a role. If the latter conception was kept at a lower temperature, then his progeny were more active brown fat and it is gaining less weight on fatty foods. Semen analysis showed that these males were observed positive changes in the activity of genes.


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