Experts suggested, is it possible to have to buy melons and watermelons

Experts suggested, is it possible to have to buy melons and watermelons

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Buying melons, there’s always a risk of being product full of nitrates and not only.

The quality of the melons always depend on, first and foremost, from the manufacturer of decency. It is safer to make such purchases today in supermarkets and not on the market, because there remains the possibility to file a claim and seek compensation treatment in case of a possible poisoning. Comments about this expert said, Director of the Union of consumers of Ukraine Maxim Nesmiyanov, writes with reference to .

“Buying now melons — there are risks, and they are not always associated with nitrates. Last I checked, the point look — watermelon slice. For example, you are a single man and you want to take watermelon not entirely, and take half or quarter. To watermelon cut — it is necessary first to wash. But even in supermarkets do not wash before doing this, and markets — do not say anything. And thus, all that was on the knife and the counter, turns on the watermelon — the further you carry it in your body. And it may be hepatitis a, and Escherichia coli. Risks incredible, and it’s much worse than nitrates”, — he said.

Nesmeyanov said that the plantation, which is grown in the South of Ukraine is possible. But even in the season no one is immune from the increase of nitrates in these berries. As a rule, lower quality melons sell at natural markets.
“Nitrate — we now ride through the fields, we are in the South of Ukraine, are already looking even peaches. The watermelon went well, melon tried — very much even anything. What we have seen, is to eat. But even in season can be a high amount of nitrates, because all depends on the manufacturer. And if the products are questionable, it is best to throw in the spontaneous markets and bazaars,” said the expert.

In General, to buy products and seasonal fruits and vegetables safer in supermarkets.

“We at markets are imported and what not and about natural markets — I generally keep quiet. And nothing you will not show what would have happened after drinking products from the market. In supermarkets, if you buy the product, then you can be calm. If something went wrong — you, as the consumer, do not worry. All of the issues of, God forbid, treatment needs to close. And in practice did close the store representatives. For them, the truth is, most importantly, that it was all quietly,” — he explained.


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