In Egypt found the ancient city

In Egypt found the ancient city

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The city can be considered well preserved.

The police of Egypt detained a gang of “black archeologists” who were active in the province of Minya. Attackers looking for value for resale, and found the city of the Greco-Roman period, according to Youm7.

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Was arrested seven people, including her were bronze and copper coin and ceramic pots. All of the artifacts found date back to the II and III centuries of our era.

Criminals interviewed, and they showed the place where was discovered the ancient values. The place immediately arrived experts from the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt. They found hidden under the layer of soil previously unknown world of scientists settlement. It was an ancient Church with well-preserved cross and pillars, and was also found in the graves carved in the rocks.

There are suggestions that the ancient city located beneath the earth, occupies a length of about two kilometers and a width of up to 600 meters. His age refers to the Greco-Roman era in Egyptian history. Scientists hope to find under the ground, and other monuments and buildings.As for criminals, they will by the time detention was planning to sell abroad 483 found here of the subject. The gang was neutralized in the framework of the national project for the conservation of cultural heritage.

We will remind that not so long ago archaeologists discovered in the Nile Delta the remains of the brewery, which can be considered the oldest on Earth. The age of an object five thousand years.


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