Jaguar is preparing a new generation of cars

Jaguar is preparing a new generation of cars

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Now Jaguar punctually brings to market new models.

So the experts are guessing what to expect next. The spread of information about what Land Rover intends to patent for Jaguar in Europe are another trademark of C-Pace, writes with reference to .

Interestingly, the application was filed simultaneously in several categories, including hardware, responsible for Autonomous driving.

Recently, the market was launched the all-electric I-Pace. This model took his place in the line of premium SUVs E-Pace and F-Pace, differing in size.

At the level of speculation is also discussed the possible emergence in the near future Jaguar J-Pace. This car will have a full-size SUV.

If we talk about the representative E-Pace, the format is very similar to the Range Rover Evoque. By the way, now there is increased competition among relatively tiny SUVs.

Registration for Jaguar new patent may indicate the development potential of the brand in the next few years. The future will tell.


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