Kerber beat Ostapenko reached the final of Wimbledon

Kerber beat Ostapenko reached the final of Wimbledon

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German tennis player Angelique Kerber became the first finalist of the 132-th draw of the Wimbledon tournament.

Ex-first racket of the world in the semi-finals saw my neighbor in the world ranking by Jelena Ostapenko. Despite being the top players of today, Kerber and Ostapenko in London spent debut time.

The key moment of the match came midway through the first set in the sixth game Kerber has played a break point, then the error Ostapenko made the break. While the Latvian came to himself, a tennis player from Germany managed to take the first set, but also lead 3:0 in the second game.

Playing on defense, Kerber in the sixth game, made another break and was one step away from the final. One win in the next game at the reception played match-bol, and tried to organize a comeback, but when the score was 3:5 at the reception made a few mistakes and resigned to defeat.

Kerber for the fourth time in his career will play in the final of the Grand slam tournament. On account of Angelique’s victory at the Australian Open and US Open and lost the Wimbledon final in 2016.The rival Angelique Kerber in the Wimbledon finals will be determined in a few hours. In the second semi-final will meet Serena Williams and Julia Gerges.

Elena Ostapenko (Latvia, 12) – Angelique Kerber (Germany, 11)– 3:6, 3:6


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