Mercedes-Benz has created a self-driving taxi

Mercedes-Benz has created a self-driving taxi

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Mercedes-Benz has announced the launch of the service traffic with self-driving cars of the famous brand.

In the company of a new service called “automatic hook” (automated shuttle). No details like the place of trials or the number of vehicles the group is not disclosed. However, we already know that the launch will take place on the territory of the state of California (USA). Among the first models will be a sedan S-class hatchbacks and B-class. Later the company plans to introduce the concept of the F 015 Luxury in Motion, which she demonstrated in 2015, writes with reference to .

It is known that during testing the system will insure the driver. In addition, for customers the service will remain free at the first stage.

Head of Autonomous control Uwe Keller (Uwe Keller) said that not all companies can withstand such a challenge alone. So Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with Bosch and Nvida. The first company to develop sensors through which the machine will recognize the world, and the software for them. Now Bosch is using stereo camera, but they generate information with a volume of one hundred gigabytes per mile. To handle such amounts of data, according to company representatives, six need powerful computers. To solve this problem, engineers have turned to Nvida.

The developer of graphics processors already have a Pegasus computer AI designed to control the car. On assurances of founders, it is able to process 320 trillion operations per second. The cooling system, according to the authors, should be integrated in the cooling structure of the battery of the car.


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