Named for the popular drink, not thirst quenching

Named for the popular drink, not thirst quenching

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Every day a person should drink at least two litres of clean, and preferably non-carbonated water.

But sometimes you want to treat yourself to something more tasty. Unfortunately, not all of our favorite drinks is able to properly quench your thirst. This list describes popular drink that is to quench the feeling of thirst, on the contrary, encourage us to drink more, writes with reference to .

Fruit and vegetable juices
In the summer heat to quench the thirst of fruit and vegetable juices in the habit. We cannot deny the fact that the juices are very beneficial to the body. Of course, if they are not packaged. But these seemingly useful and refreshing drinks are leaders in their calorie content. In addition, included in their composition vitamins, pectin and organic acids can not only enrich the body but also to provoke an acute sense of hunger and thirst.

Initially, this favorite summer drink is made for a different recipe. It is based on water, lemon juice and a minimal amount of sugar. Proposed stores soft drinks usually have nothing to do with real lemonade. They contain no natural lemon juice, and sugar often exceeds all limits. In the end, the drink, initially designed to satisfy the body’s thirst, on the contrary, increases the desire to drink. Because the composition of such treatment is far from perfect and can not be called useful, over time excessive this drink in the body starts active fat deposition.

Milk — a great tool for quenching thirst. But in combination with additives its action it is completely different to the body. In most milkshakes contains exorbitant amounts of sugar, and in terms of artificial flavors this product is not inferior. Harmful additives have a stimulating effect on the brain and cause a desire to drink another portion of the drink. Because milkshakes can not boast of low-calorie, excessive drink very soon to acquire excess weight.

Kvass is a nice drink to quench your thirst if it was cooked properly and from natural products. The drink should not contain preservatives, dyes and other additives. All these ingredients ultimately able to convert it to plain lemonade: and he not only is able to quench thirst, but also can provoke negative effects for the body.

In the outer shell of the coffee bean contains caffeine and theobromine. By doing the body, caffeine helps constrict blood vessels, which leads to increased blood pressure and frequent urination. It is the caffeine, and gives a person the feeling of cheerfulness. But some time later, after taking coffee in the body begins to act theobromine. It promotes vasodilation and blood flow disorders.
To stop this from happening, it is important after coffee to drink a glass of pure non-carbonated water. The only way after coffee, you will not thirsty.

Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate is very useful to the body. First, it is a source of joy, and secondly, helps to improve mental abilities, increases health and reduces the risk of depression. But as gaidouronisia drink hot chocolate to use was not worth it. Otherwise, problems with excess weight will be much faster than you might expect.

Berry and fruit smoothies
Those who adhere to a healthy diet, always drink fruit and berry smoothies. No one will deny that a smoothie of berries and fruits really are healthy for the organism. They do an excellent job with the feeling of hunger, it is absolutely not harm the figure. And as these energy drinks are the undisputed leaders. But in terms of thirst-quenching fruit and berry smoothies are not as good as many people think. And the reason is that in their composition contains a large amount of sucrose.
To become more healthy and an excellent tool in the fight against thirst — dilute them with water. It is also possible to prepare beverages based on the products with a minimal amount of sucrose. Lime, lemon, blueberry and sea-buckthorn smoothie came out very tasty and refreshing.

Some people mistakenly believe that it is possible to quench the thirst of alcoholic drinks. It turns out that alcohol with alcohol content of more than 10% promotes the excretion of body fluid. Hard to believe, but wine can lead to dehydration. If time is not taken, the body can lose over two liters of water. This will cause oxygen starvation of the brain and cause various disorders in its work.
To stop this from happening, try after the wine is to drink as much clean and definitely non-carbonated water. Thus it is possible to maintain the body’s water balance and to avoid negative consequences.

Sweet carbonated water
Sweet soda, despite all the restrictions, still remains a very popular drink. Many even believe that only she can save from thirst in the summer heat. Really sweet water with gases is ill-suited for the role of thirst-quenching beverage. In it there are large doses of caffeine, sugar, synthetic additives, dyes and preservatives. All of this makes you lose fluid and dehydration. And in addition to everything may lead to obesity, destruction of tooth enamel and bones, the development of cancer and problems with the cardiovascular system.


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