Named the American city with the only resident

Named the American city with the only resident

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Living here is a woman who naturally is the mayor of the city.

It turns out, maybe even this town, in which a single resident. He is the mayor, who is also a librarian, he is also the owner of the bar. And it all rests on the shoulders of the 84 – year-old American Asli Euler. And the town itself is located in Nebraska and is named Monowi, reports citing .

However, in Wikipedia this amazing town USA called village, but the village is an amazing phenomenon – a single resident. But all who have been here, including an official visit, immediately convinced that Monowi is still a city, albeit small. It is the real city hall, a bar, a library, and all this large farm still runs almost cheerful old woman in 84 years.

Monowi back in 2000, was famous for his small size, but then, if Euler lived here with her husband, who died four years later. In 2004, an elderly American woman are seriously thinking about moving to children, but how could she leave this amazing town, especially a bar, where visited by the visitors until now, a library with 5 thousand books, which (surprisingly well-wishers and contrary to the predictions of skeptics) still has its readers…

And therefore, if Euler is not just the only resident Monowi, but also a great worker this tiny town, because she has to work at least 12 hours a day.However, she always finds time to meet with friends and even guests your unusual town, who come here to witness the existence of the smallest village in all of America.


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