Popular models of Tesla rose in price

Popular models of Tesla rose in price

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More expensive cars the Model S and Model X.

Prices on American electric cars had to increase due to the imposition of retaliatory measures by Beijing to raise trading fees United States, reports citing .

As soobshili representatives of the company, the price of the Tesla Model S and Model X increased by 150-250 thousand yuan, at the current rate ranges from 22.6 thousand to 37.6 thousand dollars. China is an important market for Tesla and the Corporation is now trying to solve the problems by building the new girafarig.

Recall that from 1 July, the government of China has lowered duties on car imports from other countries with 25 to 15%, but instead increased to 40% in response to the U.S. actions against Chinese products.In may, the company reduced the prices of Model S and Model X 40-90 thousand yuan. At the same time, the sales of the brand in the local market was going quite well and under the previous tax rate.


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