Scientists call planets that are suitable for life

Scientists call planets that are suitable for life

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The world is quite livable.

Astronomers have made an interesting discovery – superplanet may be more habitable than our Earth. These planets are the most common in our galaxy, they are similar to ours, but are much larger.

Therefore, scientists suggest that superplanet may be a place for the first space colonies of humanity. This writes with reference to .

As you know, the space telescope “Kepler” since 2009, opened 4 thousand exoplanets, that is planets of the terrestrial type. 30% of them superplanet, among them not a few that revolve around their stars in the so-called “habitable zone”. That is, these planets removed from its star at a sufficient distance below on the surface there was water in the liquid state, and the temperature was optimum (not too hot, or cold).

Now scientists have found that some of these supertall are rocky. While super-earths may have a radius 10 times larger than Earth, and its mass is 10 times greater than the mass of our planet. A large mass means that the planet’s powerful gravitational field. That is, the planet can hold much more air molecules, thereby forming a thicker atmosphere that would provide the best protection from cosmic radiation. Therefore, these conditions are more favorable for the emergence and development of life, and these planets can become “the perfect house” for people.But these planets have a significant drawback – they are not easy to leave, because of the powerful gravity. That is, for take-off will require much more fuel than on Earth.


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