Serena Williams for the 10th time made it to the Wimbledon final

Serena Williams for the 10th time made it to the Wimbledon final

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Famous American tennis player Serena Williams has won 20-straight win at Wimbledon and reached the final of the grass Slam.

To interrupt the three-year dominance of Serena at Wimbledon in the semifinals, tried 13-ranked Julia Gerges. In personal meetings the American was leading 3:0, but the German has never won more than seven games.

In the first set Williams, Jr., completely controlled the game Serena has made two breaks and has won 87% of the drawings on the first pass. In the course of the second batch Gerges reminded of itself only when the score was 2:5 – Julia suddenly did a back break, but in the next game failed to protect their supply.

Serena Williams on the way to the final four did break one missed game on his serve. American had served 5 aces and made 16 winnershow and made just 7 unforced errors.For the eighth title at Wimbledon and 24th at the Grand slam tournament Serena Williams on Saturday will face Angelique Kerber. The match will be a remake of the final of 2016, when Serena won in two sets (7:5, 6:3).

Julia Gerges (Germany, 13) – Serena Williams (USA, 25) – 2:6, 4:6


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