Street Cam caught a Ghost in the Parking lot

Street Cam caught a Ghost in the Parking lot

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The experts found no signs of editing on the video.

Users of YouTube are actively discussing the video posted by the researchers of the supernatural and unusual. So, attached below video shows how between the rows of cars in the Parking lot is a woman. Suddenly from one car separated by a strange mist and follows the lady, reported, citing .

After a few seconds of anomalous object disappears, and the woman stops abruptly (though he felt that something was wrong). Many netizens believe that the Parking lot there was a Ghost.

The Internet is full of videos of various phantoms and ghosts, but most of them are fake. This video is all considered genuine (signs of installation, etc. is not detected).Perhaps the camera caught chronometrage or some sort of energy being from a parallel world. And some users suggested that the bus stop seemed the angel ladies. We can only guess.


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