The Russians offered to follow the Internet

The Russians offered to follow the Internet

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In Russia offered to attract volunteers to the censorship of the Internet.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Russia says that he wants the citizens themselves searched the Internet for prohibited materials.

According to the head of Department Vladimir Kolokoltseva, volunteers must intensify the search of prohibited information, writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

It is interesting that, according to the newspaper RBC, speech about it went at the all-Russian forum search and rescue teams, which discussed the actions of volunteers search for missing people.

“The bodies of internal Affairs always need support from the public. These partnerships can be build not only to assist in finding people who went missing. But to build partnerships in the network monitoring the Internet in search of forbidden information on the prevention of drug traffickers, teenage crime,” — said Kolokoltsev.

“The Russian authorities like to censor the Internet. In the list of banned sites contains everything from LGBT sites, and ending with the critics of the Kremlin and the sites that are supposedly terrorist propaganda, which is the main excuse of many Russian laws on censorship,” noted ZDNET.They emphasize that China has been using civilian volunteers to search for online platforms to discuss issues that the authorities want to hide. A typical tactic is to volunteer entered the debate and buried the political conversation through misinformation or change the subject of discussion. It is possible that a similar tactic can apply in the Russian Federation.


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