Humanity is descended from several tribes

Humanity is descended from several tribes

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Human evolution proceeded simultaneously in different parts of Africa.

The ancestors of modern humans arose as a result of contacts a few isolated groups of ancient people lived in different parts of Africa. It strengthens the increasingly popular theories of the African “garden of Eden”, say scientists in an article published in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

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“Human evolution is proceeded simultaneously in different parts of Africa, and we are descendants of several peoples. And, consequently, our culture also comes from a variety of sources. In order to understand the history of occurrence of mankind, we need to study the entire African continent as a whole,” says Eleanor sherry (Eleanor Scerri) from Oxford (UK).

Until recently, anthropologists and paleontologists believed that modern man, Homo sapiens, originated in East Africa approximately 200 thousand years ago, a few hundred thousand years after the separation of the ancestors of the Neanderthals and the CRO-magnons. The first people, as was shown by the excavations penetrated to the middle East for about 70 thousand years ago and into Europe about 45 thousand years ago.

On the other hand, the discoveries of recent years and genetic research suggests that people could have left Africa much earlier, at least 130 thousand years ago, and contact with Neanderthals for a long time. To confirm this, scientists recently found in Morocco, the remains of Homo sapiens who lived in Africa about 300 thousand years ago.

Moreover, the role of the ancestral home of humanity today in the same claim, and South Africa, in the caves where scientists recently found CRO-magnon tools the age of 150 thousand years and the remains of Homo naledi, the potential human ancestors that lived in the cave of Ice at about 330 thousand years ago. All of this leads many scientists to believe that humanity did not originate in a particular point of Africa, and as a result of interaction of several groups of ancient people who lived in different corners.

Sherry and her colleagues have found new confirmation of this idea, the theory of the African “garden of Eden”, studying all the traces of the ancient people who lived in different parts of Africa in the last hundred thousand years, including their tools, the remains of “fossil” DNA and all the other things.

All of these factors, as noted by sherry, saying that Africa at that time was inhabited by several isolated populations of ancient people who claimed to be a possible role of the ancestors the CRO-magnon and modern Homo sapiens. Speaking in favor of this distinction in the manner of manufacture of tools, small differences in their anatomy and form, and sets of small mutations in their DNA.

For example, Homo sapiens from Morocco had a more “elongated” the skull than the other ancient people and their “cousins” from South African caves Florisbad had an unusually large face and thick neck. Those and other CRO-magnons produced a complex, but very different tools, and prefer to use different pigments and decoration, but their genomes are quite similar to each other.As these groups of people become isolated and how they met then, scientists do not yet know. However, they suggest that both due to two factors in their lives — the small size of the populations of the ancestors of Homo sapiens and climate variability Africa, where the Sahara and many other deserts, impregnable to the ancient people, periodically became green and fertile plains.


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