Russia called a source of instability

Russia called a source of instability

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Russian leaders routinely use nuclear rhetoric.

On the eve of the NATO summit on 11 and 12 July, the Swedish defence Minister Peter hultquist, the author of the doctrine that bears his name and efforts to rebuild the military power of Sweden, gave an interview to the journalist of the French newspaper L’express Axel Gilden.

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“Russian aggression against Ukraine and the illegal annexation of Crimea are a violation of international law. Posed thus, insecurity remains common to all of us a serious challenge. In fact, it is now established that Russian leaders are ready to mobilize its military power to achieve political goals,” said Hultquist.

“Such a revision of the foundations of international security creates long-term instability, as the situation is now unpredictable. This is true not only for Eastern Ukraine, but also for the Baltic sea area and for the rest of Europe,” – said the Minister of defence.

“In our immediate environment, that is, in the North of Europe, international security is deteriorating. On the one hand, Russian leaders regularly use nuclear rhetoric. On the other – their army conducts military relocation, both temporary and permanent,” he continues.”Finally, in Moscow’s view, disinformation is a legitimate element of its strategy. This black and white written in its military doctrine, says the Minister of defence.


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