Archaeologists have discovered the symbol of eternity and immortality

Archaeologists have discovered the symbol of eternity and immortality

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The Board was used to Nordic games.

In Scotland archaeologists during excavations in the ancient monastery of Aberdeenshire, which existed in the era of the Picts, found an extremely rare Board for the Scandinavian Board games older than 1000 years.

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According to The Scotsman, the exact age of the artifact is yet to be established. It is known that surveyed the monastery existed in the era of the Picts and was abandoned about 1000 years ago. However, even before its construction this place existed and other construction.

According to scientists, this is a very rare find for Scotland. Such boards were used for the Scandinavian game Hnefatafl (Hnefatafl). A similar artifact was found in 1989 in Orkney, and its age is dated V-IX centuries ad

Found an artifact in antiquity was transformed — he was given a round shape and may have used as a cover for the pot. The Board is decorated with the so-called knot of Solomon is a symbol of eternity, immortality and man’s connection with the divine.”Such artifacts mainly find during excavations of the monasteries and during religious rituals, says archaeologist Eli Cameron. — This suggests that the game was not available to all.”


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