In Canada has created a universal solar battery

In Canada has created a universal solar battery

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Currently widely used solar panels are fully synthetic, but the authors suggest they “biogenic” alternative.

According to experts, in the future solar panels working with live organisms, catch up on the effectiveness of “traditional”, and it will be much more economical, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

Scientists say that in the past attempts to create a “nutrient” solar panels meant the extraction from bacteria natural “kraskom” through which microorganisms carry out photosynthesis. It is an expensive, complicated and, what is especially strange for “green” energy, not the most environmentally friendly process. In the new experiments, the paint decided to leave in bacteria.

Experts have modified the bacteria Escherichia coli so that they produce a large amount of lycopene — dye, predydushego ripe tomatoes their characteristic red color and is capable of especially effectively convert light into energy. Then the bacteria are “coated” mineral that can operate as a semiconductor, and placed on a glass surface. According to the researchers, as a result, they managed to get a pretty efficient solar battery, nakaplivaetsya energy as in bright and in dim lighting.Experts suggest that their development will be able to increase the popularity of solar energy in those parts of the world where the weather is often cloudy, for example, in most of British Columbia and some countries in Northern Europe.


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