NASA recorded the asteroid that threatens Earth

NASA recorded the asteroid that threatens Earth

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NASA took a unique double asteroid and was horrified.

NASA experts managed to remove the asteroid 2017 YE5 opened in December last year. It turned out that the discovery surprised scientists, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

NASA said that earlier and considered dangerous for the Earth, but not given it the appearance of value. Now, new details have become known about the asteroid 2017 YE5. He is on the list of Potentially hazardous asteroids potentially hazardous to the life of our planet objects.

Scientists say that in June of this year an asteroid closer to Earth, approaching her at a distance of six million kilometers. This gave the opportunity to study it with radar at Goldstone and 305-metre dish of the radio telescope, “Arecibo”, Puerto Rico.
It turned out that the asteroid is bigger than previously thought. Besides, it consists of two halves of approximately equal size, and their diameter is about 900 meters. They make one turn around each other about a day. Halves are composed of different species. This distinguishes it from all other double asteroids.NASA made the asteroid “the most rare and unique minor planet in the Solar system, equilibrium of binary neas, whose halves are approximately equal to each other.” All were opened four similar objects. It is expected that the next time the asteroid will approach earth at a dangerous distance of 170 years.


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