Around the moon flew a large black UFO

Around the moon flew a large black UFO

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An unidentified object has a circular shape.

Turkish Amateur photographer considered at the beginning of August the moon using a compact camera with a powerful lens and suddenly noticed on the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth is a huge object like a black ball or a disc, according to .

The surprised man hurried to capture the alleged anomaly on video, then sent the video of reputable ufologists.

Experts have been very impressed with the sent material. According to researchers of “flying saucers” and extraterrestrial civilizations, these images clearly demonstrate the International space station or artificial satellite, as the speed of the UFO is too small.

In addition, ufologists have concluded that we can not talk about the bird, weather balloon or any other object in the earth’s atmosphere. Thus, the experts did not remain other variants, except how to call the mysterious discovery of a Turk of the aircraft of extraterrestrial origin.

The moon has long been shrouded in a human veil of secrecy, and the reason lies in the different unexplained phenomena occurring selenium and near it. In the XVIII century the English astronomer William Herschel wrote in his writings that the nearest celestial body probably is teeming with life, a proof of that can locate any patient man with a telescope.Well, in our days, as it seems, it’s enough to have a good camera with a powerful lens.


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