Italy found the grave of a man with a strange prosthesis

Italy found the grave of a man with a strange prosthesis

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The skeleton in the grave has a knife instead of a bone of the hand.

Experts from the University of Sapienza in Rome, dug up the remains of the custom men. Buried right hand replaced with a prosthesis, which was a knife with a long blade, reports citing .

The grave dug in Longobardian the necropolis, created in VI-VIII centuries in the Northern part of Italy. As scientists have identified, the man lived in the sixth century, even then people were able to make the dentures. Ancient doctors amputated the injured right hand at the forearm.

Serious injury has occurred, most likely during heavier tasks. The ulna was seen traces of prosthesis – callus and spur. Also worth noting is the tooth wear men. Likely teeth, he tightened the strap holding the prosthesis. Was attached a long knife with a strip of leather.In the grave was the blade itself. Netizens are left amazed by the knowledge of the doctors of the time. The prosthesis was installed correctly, said the scientists.


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