The Argentinian took video of a dwarf in his own house

The Argentinian took video of a dwarf in his own house

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The man claims that the little creature living with him.

Man living in the Argentine city of Rosario, said that his house is infested with a strange creature that most of the time hiding. From time to time “guest” is displayed on the eye, one man even managed to capture on camera, reports citing .

Below attached video, which shows the being of small stature, dressed in dark shorts and a t-shirt of yellow color. Most likely, the apartment was infested dwarf, and he clearly didn’t want to be filmed.

Netizens reacted differently to the movie. Someone believed in the reality of what is happening, and someone said that the man picked up a monkey, dressed in a gnome costume. However, people are talking about elves, dwarves and other similar beings since ancient times, and any myths and legends have their roots. Possible on earth and indeed there are such creatures.Especially often see the fairytale characters, the children, the adults they catch the eye much less.


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