The Volkswagen thinking of starting another pickup

The Volkswagen thinking of starting another pickup

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The engine by the standards of the overseas pickups modest.

The Volkswagen Amarok is a pickup, but in the U.S. it’s not for sale, despite the tremendous love of local customers to this type of car. Instead, Americans want to offer a fundamentally new model, which will become a member of the family of Atlas. The prototype showed in the spring under the name Atlas Tanoak, and calculate the prospects of its launch.

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Do not be surprised: the seven-seat crossover on the platform MQB cars turned in the truck. Unlike almost all her classmates, the default drive, it will have front and not rear. The decision to recall is that the Honda Ridgeline, but the other classmates are built on RWD chassis.

Volkswagen Pickup Atlas Tanoak (name given in honor of the tree species growing on the Pacific coast of the USA) — a real giant. With a length of 5438 mm: the original Atlas is the shorter of the 401 millimeter! The claimed ground clearance of 254 mm. Americans such a scale should be like.

However, an engine according to the standards of overseas pickups modest: only 3.6 liters displacement and 280 HP (same features crossover Atlas). It works in conjunction with the 8-speed automatic and accelerates to a hundred in 8.5 seconds. For the conquest of off-road provides for a decreasing number of transmissions and the special regime of the control electronics.The Assembly of the machine (if its production recognize promising) will be adjusted in the same factory in Tennessee, which already collect the seven-passenger crossover Atlas. Let us add that the third member of the family may be shortened coupe Atlas Cross Sport.


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