Created “smart” glasses for shopping

Created “smart” glasses for shopping

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Created augmented reality glasses for shopping.

Augmented reality glasses are gaining popularity. The world presents a new gadget that can help you in the buying process at .

Microsoft HoloLens and the Chinese online store Taobao announced the completion of the project AR glasses, which will recognize objects and look them up in the store

Augmented reality glasses Buy Taobao MR will show the user information about products (price, reviews and delivery options), to which he will direct view . If you like the clothes of a passerby or a piece of furniture in a cafe, it will be enough just to look at it through the glasses and add to cart. Inverse is a function: the points will show in AR 3D image the user is interested in goods from Taobao.

In September this year the device will go on sale. Also in the future will be added to the interface through which you manipulate objects in augmented reality with a single glance or hand movement.


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