French scientists have studied sound rhythm smile

French scientists have studied sound rhythm smile

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The smile in his voice easy to hear.

A group of French scientists working in cognitive science, came to the conclusion that everything in this world has its sound (its melody, its rhythm), and the smile of the man in this case is no exception, reports citing .

For example, in the XIX century the researchers came to the conclusion that mimicry is the key to empathy. Scientists from Paris decided to check it out on the example of a smile. And it turned out that anyone, even the blind responds immediately to the smiles of others. Any individual not only sees them, he hears them.

And hears all the “tones” of a smile, that is understands how his interlocutor is sincere or feigned smiles. If you’re, say, talking on the phone and start to smile, the other person immediately reacts to it – in most cases, also lends itself to this mood as the melody of a smile – something “contagious”.

Do not believe, asked one of the authors of this study, cognitive scientist Pablo arias, and you start smiling during a telephone conversation, and then ask the interlocutor, what is he smiling? You rather surprise him, although there is nothing surprising here: just people “hear” a smile, indeed, catch the rhythm, which is transmitted instantly over any distance.

However, the mechanism of a transfer to French scientists remains a mystery. However, they believe that the investigation in this matter can help to improve a computer-generated voice, to understand why people with autism do not always correctly interpretiruya the emotions of others, and so on.Well, we recall that smile, especially a sincere, is not only transmitted and infects others, but she treats people, according to the head of the Institute for the healing of the person, the writer M. Norbekov. Smile more often, and therefore themselves be healthy and clean smile the space around them – almost the whole Universe, because it proved French scientists, melody’s smile instantly transmitted to any distance…


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