In Argentina unknown kill cows and rip their tongues out

In Argentina unknown kill cows and rip their tongues out

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The mass murder of cattle was observed on several farms.

In the province of Santa Fe (Argentina) there was a massive loss in pregnant cows. The incident happened on a farm in the Department of San Javier, reports citing .

Norberto Bieri, owner of the farm, said that animals have no language and jaw, with blood at the murder scene are not available. The man has the impression that on animals make fun laser.

The farmer appealed to the local Newspapers and veterinarians to help solve the case. Doctors, unfortunately, are unable to determine the cause of death, but the journalists have determined that in recent weeks, similar incidents have occurred in other parts of the province.

People believe that the area is visited by aliens who kill animals for personal gain. They also mentioned the Chupacabra beast, able to suck blood. If you believe the stories of eyewitnesses, often the Chupacabra kills cattle in South America.It should be noted that the existence of this creation is not scientifically proved.


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