In Egypt found the millennial cheese

In Egypt found the millennial cheese

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Scientists have determined the composition of the cheese.

Scientists from the Italian University of Catania, who has studied the objects from the tomb in the area of Saqqara near Cairo, discovered one of the world’s oldest cheeses aged 3,2 thousand years, manufactured from cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk.

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As writes the Egyptian newspaper “Youm7”, the research was conducted in cooperation with Cairo University. Experts have studied the remains of the solid cheese from the tomb at Saqqara, which was produced between 1290 and 1213 years BC.

As a result of laboratory tests, the scientists not only identified the composition of the cheese, but and found in it the presence of bacteria that could cause disease, known in Ancient Egypt as “Mediterranean fever” and struck cattle and people. It is known that this disease is caused severe fatigue.

In the archaeological complex of Saqqara, in the vicinity of the Egyptian capital is the oldest ancient Egyptian cemetery. One of the most famous monuments of Saqqara is considered the step pyramid of Djoser.The ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife, so the deceased was supplying weapons, household items, food and beverages, which were laid in the tomb and had to come in handy late in a new life.


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