Learned where to look for aliens

Learned where to look for aliens

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Astrophysicist believes that representatives of other intelligent civilizations ispolzuut the special technology – a Dyson sphere.

Scientist Dan Hooper has put forward a new theory for the search of extraterrestrial life. In his opinion, displaced stars can specify on the trail of aliens. About it writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

He said that the technology under the name “Dyson sphere” may use reasonable civilizations in the universe. Instead of sucking resources from other planets (in the distant future), as we did with the Earth, technology will help to turn the star “power”. This, in turn, will allow for the full use of its energy potential.

The scientist believes that through tens of millions of years, this technology will be key to the survival of humanity.The aliens, in his opinion, equipped with the Dyson sphere, a giant engine to move the power sources in the right places of the galaxy. In the end, moved the stars may indicate the presence there of alien life.


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