Lions in the minority could not hold the victory over Olympique de Marseille

Lions in the minority could not hold the victory over Olympique de Marseille

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In the opening match of the 4th round of the Premier League “Olimpik” and “lions” have exchanged goals.

At the start of the match the teams exchanged destructive moments – Pandora neutralized output Balashova one-on-one, and at the gate opposite the similar time not used Voloshinovich.

Before the break, “Lviv” for no reason match remained in the minority – Priymak at intervals of 8 minutes, received two yellow cards. The main referee Anatoliy Abdula’s case punished the defender of the guests for the second foul, but the first yellow card was not so obvious.

Despite the numerical advantage, om did not manage to seize the initiative. “Lions” had a good attack and on 68 minutes the guests came forward – Voronin has hung with penal, and Adamyuk on the second floor beat all the guardians and hammer the ball into the net.

It seemed that om is not to avoid defeat, but the team of Roman Sanjar came to the rescue of Eugene Pasic – midfielder gorgeous long-range shot from 30 metres-ti sent the ball into the top right corner.

In the fifth round “Olimpik” on departure will play with “Dawn” and “Lviv” Shakhtar will take.Olympic FC lions 1:1
Goals: E. Pasic, 86 – Adamyuk, 68

Olympic: Krynsky – Zubeyko, Grishko, Kravchenko, E. Pasic – Koltsov (Teixeira 46), Vakulenko – Ksenz (G. Pasic, 72), Sonda, Balashov (Troyanovsky, 66) – Degtyarev

FC Lviv: bandura, Taylor, Adamyuk, Paramonov, Voronin – Priymak, kalenchuk – Voloshinovich (Martin 90), Augusto (Rafael 46), the Trap – Bruno (:, 64)

Warning: Grishko, Zubeyko, Trojanowski – Pryjmak

Removal: Priymak, 39


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