Ukrainian Prischepa won gold at the European Championships in athletics

Ukrainian Prischepa won gold at the European Championships in athletics

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The Ukrainian athlete was placed in the evening program of the third day of the European championship in Berlin.

Natalia Prishchepa at the expense of traditional great finishing spurt defended the status of the champion of continent in the 800 meters. Success Pryshchepa supported Olga Lyakhova, silver is not enough just 0.17 seconds.

In the race for 400 meters hurdles shot Anna Ryzhikova, repeated the success of six years ago in Helsinki. Athlete of the Dnieper in the fight for gold only 0.18 seconds behind by the representative of Switzerland Lea Sprunger.

In sector for high jump medal aspirations did not materialize. Yulia Levchenko failed the European championship, Ekaterina Tabashnik after an optimistic start three times hit the bar at a height of 1.96 meters and remained without prize-winning places.

800 meters

1. Natalia Prishchepa (Ukraine) – 2.00,38
2. Renal Lamothe (France) – 2.00,62
3. Olga Lyakhova (Ukraine) – 2.00,79

400 meter hurdles

1. Lea Sprunger (Switzerland) Is 54,33
2. Anna Ryzhikova (Ukraine) Is 54,51
3. Megan Beasley (UK) – 55,31

The jump

1. Maria Laecken (neutral athlete) – 2.00 m
2. Mirela Demireva (Bulgaria) – 2,00
3. Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch (Germany) Is 1.96

5. Ekaterina Tabachnik (Ukraine) Is 1.94
9. Yulia Levchenko (Ukraine) Is 1,91
10. Oksana Okuneva (Ukraine) – 1,87 At the European Championships in Berlin, Ukrainian athletes won two gold. In addition to Nataliya Pryshchepa the award of the higher test in the walk 50 kilometers produced Marjan Sokolnicki.


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