The CIA has said, which actually used the “Area 51”

The CIA has said, which actually used the “Area 51”

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On the basis of declassified documents, there is not researched UFOs.

To this day many people believe that Area 51 is the place where they conducted experiments on aliens. These errors appeared in the 50-ies of the last century, they were invented by journalists and ufologists, reports citing .

People thus tried to cash in or draw attention to his person. As it turned out, the “Area 51” never studied aliens and not put on them experiments, proof – declassified documents.

Experts from the CIA said that from the beginning of Area 51 was a base for military forces. Of course, everything was kept secret, even the employees of the facility were not always aware of the latest events. The secret is superimposed on the secret, the mystery – mystery.

Due to the lack of any information to Hollywood and had to include fantasy. Stories about aliens have begun to bring a lot of money, this prompted the media to draw mannequins and humanoids mystify various photos and videos.Now, when the machine replaces the whole Studio installation, the UFO can be anyone. Information about aliens people believe to this day. Below the flame is not extinguished, journalists regularly pour oil on him.


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