The scientists said that happen to a man when landing on Jupiter

The scientists said that happen to a man when landing on Jupiter

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To land on Jupiter is impossible.

Gas giant only one classification speaks about the troubles faced by people, if you even try to land on Jupiter.

He writes about this .

The first thing scientists say NASA to land on Jupiter is impossible. The first reason for this is the composition of the planet. Scientists compare it with a huge cloud. But to fall in Jove with one hand and fall out of the opposite too, will fail. On the way to the core of Jupiter the person may die. So, in 1995, the interplanetary spacecraft Galileo have lost touch with the Board, poring over 120 km Later it was destroyed by the pressure.

Incidentally, the latter higher than the earth hundreds of thousands of times. The person may vomit from the unprecedented pitching in the clouds caused by the rapid rotation of Jupiter. The day lasts to 9.5 earth hours. At a depth of 4023 km the temperature rises to 3371°C. Closer to the center of the planet “heat” will reach 6093°C and the pressure exceeds the earth 2 million times.In the heart of Jupiter’s poles will play with a man, then lifting, then dropping it. Call for help will not work: clouds repel the radio waves. The centre of Jupiter will be the last refuge of the astronaut, if he suddenly nothing will happen due to the impact of pressure and temperature.


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