In Europe there is a threat of exotic virus

In Europe there is a threat of exotic virus

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Previously, these places were not recorded infecting this virus.

Doctors say that the number infected with West Nile virus becoming more. In Europe, the total number of virus affected 231 people. Most infected experts have counted in Italy – 123 citizen, reported, citing .

Of all patients have died and 17 people. The virus all the people caught through mosquito bites. Scientists believe that the fever was brought to our continent’s migratory birds, which migrated from Africa. In most cases (80%) people do not see any symptoms. And only in 20% of cases symptoms similar to the disease influenza (human a fever, breaks the body, there are diarrhea and skin rash).

In severe cases, the fever causes swelling of the brain and acute paralysis. The patient is on the verge of life and death. The complication usually appears a few months after the disappearance of major symptoms.

Doctors do not have drugs to combat infection. Many people successfully treated themselves. In order to protect themselves, people are advised to use mosquito repellent, and the nature wearing clothing that would completely cover the body.In Europe due to climate change have already begun to hobnob exotic mosquitoes, so be doubly careful.


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