The Chinese have developed a nanocoating for smartphones

The Chinese have developed a nanocoating for smartphones

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With a new cover smartphones are not afraid of water.

Chinese researchers have developed from nanomaterials waterproof coating for smartphones and other consumer electronics.

The development of coatings were Donbosco Institute of industrial technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

New product protects the Board and other details of the electronics from rain, water spray and moisture. According to the researchers, gadgets with the specified coating can be used in the bath and next to the swimming pool without fear that they will fall into the water.

The nano, as shown by experiments, can provide the efficiency of appliances after which lasted an hour dive to a depth of 1 meter, said senior researcher of the Institute Zeng chzhisyan.

Compared to commercially available smartphones with a waterproof or water-resistant body, the new material has a higher reliability and will allow manufacturers to reduce the cost of production.

According to experiments, waterproof electronics with such a coating is not reduced under conditions of repeated drops from a height of a meter or longer stay under ultraviolet radiation.Thanks to the decision of a number of problems during the development, the impact of nanocoatings on the appearance and characteristics of electronics was reduced to a minimum, said Zeng chzhisyan.


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