Xiaomi released the leash for children

Xiaomi released the leash for children

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Feature of the gadget that the kids will not lost while Hiking

Have Xiaomi has a huge number of sub-brands that create for the company a variety of products. There is even a separate division specializing in the development of gadgets for children, writes with reference to .

One of these sub-brands Xiaomi, called Mi Shuo Technology has released leash for children with adjustable length cord, cost $ 6. The feature of this gadget that the kids will not get lost while Hiking.

Leash, more like the cuffs stretch up to 2 meters. The leash is made of stainless steel in the form of springs which cannot be cut, the special clasp allows the bracelet to loosen, and the handcuffs are closed on the key, that the child can unbutton and escape.The brand was founded on March 11, 2015, specializing in the production of housings of smartphones and other accessories, as well as various children’s goods, including collapsible carts, antibacterial t-shirts and much more.


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