Called main error in charging smartphones

Called main error in charging smartphones

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This applies to both iOS and Android.

Currently, you can meet smartphones based on two operating systems – iOS and Android. They do not differ much from the point of view of technical characteristics, but in design and functionality offer a completely different user experience, reports citing .

However, the owners of smartphones running under any OS, make that one fatal mistake, which once smartphone may opt to join and work any way. If you carefully study the user manual to any phone, there is guaranteed to be a special entry, according to which the discharge 100% the battery of the mobile device is strongly not recommended.

However, as practical experience shows, users ignore such a recommendation, using the phone until the moment it can display information on the screen, that is working. Alas, this leads to negative consequences. You need to understand that smartphones equipped with various battery types. For example, many years ago in push-button telephones were installed only Nickel-cadmium batteries have memory effect. They were always required to first discharge to 0% to enable the mobile device was disconnected and then fully charge to 100% at a time. However, technology is rapidly evolving, so today almost all portable gadgets installed lithium-ion (Li-Ion) and lithium polymer (Li-Pol) battery. They have much more advanced options, but in no event it is impossible to discharge to 0%. Some manufacturers even introduced a special system of protection, when the mobile device is turned off when the remaining 3 – 5% charge, and showing a complete depletion of the power source. This is due to the fact that after each such forced outage is lost from 0.5% to 2% of the total capacity of the battery.

In the end, after a few dozen such cycles, the battery will have to change to a new one. All these data were obtained by scientists experimentally. You need to understand that the exact values depend directly on the phone manufacturer and the battery which is used. If it’s some cheap battery, it will lose 2% after each full discharge, and if a quality battery, this negative process will be much slower. In any case, the phone better never discharge to 0%, because nothing good in this in any case is not.


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