Became known, some controllers choose PC gamers

Became known, some controllers choose PC gamers

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The absolute leader was the good old controller from my Xbox 360

From fans to play on computers has a large selection of gaming peripherals for every taste and color. From the usual mouse + keyboard to complete kits with steering wheels, steering wheels and pedals. Despite this abundance, many users prefer the traditional gamepad from the usual consoles of the current and previous generation. This became known from the report of fresh Steam, writes with reference to

Steam reports that at least 30 million users connected to their computers gamepads since, as the platform began to track the types of input devices. Since many players like to play with friends and connect multiple controllers to their computers, the total number of controllers reaching almost 60 million.

The absolute leader was the good old gamepad from the Xbox 360 which, despite its venerable age, it remains a convenient and reliable way to play games on the computer. Xbox 360 Controller is radically popular. He makes 45% of all controllers, and the total number reaches 27 million. This means that almost every player who prefer gamepads paired with a computer, have an Xbox 360 controller (or several pieces).

The second place from the PlayStation DualShock 4 – controllers 12.2 million, and in third place the controller from the Xbox One (the original version, Elite and updated the controller presented together with the Xbox One’s) – 11.5 million. 4.1 million controllers is controllers on the PlayStation 3, and the remaining 4.9 million was divided between the other manufacturers. Of these, 1.3 million are Steam Controllers.

Despite the very large number of controllers, their owners do not use them as often. Only 20% of owners of Xbox One controllers plugged them at least once in the past month. DualShock 4 hooked up only 9% of users over the last 30 days. Valve explains this as follows:

Historically, that PS4-controllers never rarely used as PC accessories. Integrated support is rare, so users have to download third-party software that converts PS4-controller Xbox-controller. It can be assumed that the gap would be smaller if the developers cared native controller support Sony in their games.

It is also worth noting that other, more traditional personal computers are like rudders and sticks, is so niche that they even brought a separate category. Their number surpass even the SNES controllers.


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