Google played a joke on fans of the “small” smartphone

Google played a joke on fans of the “small” smartphone

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The company posted a funny image.

The last few years, users often complain about the rising size of mobile devices. Google has decided to make fun of manufacturers who are trying to please customers and produce enlarged and reduced versions of the devices.

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The reason for the jokes was information about the possible release of an enlarged version of the representative line called Ultra Pixel. He had to be more usual Pixel XL and be the answer to iPhone XS Max with 6.5-inch display.

This also includes rumors about the long-awaited smaller flagship with a top performance at the smaller display size.Google representatives responded to these leaks is a joke. The company has posted a picture in Instagram-profile @madebygoogle. In the caption the authors noted that in the course of rumors about a mini version of Pixel 3. In this regard, they want to know what “mini” is small enough.


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