The fishermen showed a creepy fish with human teeth

The fishermen showed a creepy fish with human teeth

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The source of an unusual catch – one of the Russian lakes.

This mutant pulled from the lake School, which is located in Zelenograd. The fish had teeth like that of a man. The fishermen were afraid is create, reports citing .

The TV channel “360” and later gave the words of Arkady balushkina, head of the ichthyological laboratory of the Institute of Zoology Russian Academy of Sciences. So, this type of fish has long been known, it is quite safe.

Have PACU teeth resemble human. Most likely, the fishermen were beginners as well as experienced anglers and not many locals know about this bizarre creation.Fish are not the least bit aggressive, so don’t bear any danger for humans and animals. Red-bellied PACU is found in the waters of the Amazon. Fish are often grown in aquariums, the replacement of the piranhas. Puck eats only plant food, it is unpretentious, so easy to adapt to new conditions of existence.


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