The maps of Mauritania found the silhouette of a huge dragon

The maps of Mauritania found the silhouette of a huge dragon

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An unusual discovery has helped make satellite imagery.

Virtual archaeologists have examined satellite images of the West African States of Mauritania and suddenly found the middle of the desert in the East mysterious education, look suspiciously like the remains of a 9.5-kilometer-long creatures. Experts believe that ahead of us fossilia dragon, reported, citing .

According to the researchers, an intriguing discovery was in fact similar to their structure in the fossilized corpse of a snake-like creature weighing over 13 tons. The outlines of the object are reminiscent in some places the tail, belly, spiked neck and a massive head with a long muzzle. Noticeable even former the creature’s eye.Of course, the flying serpentine reptile, is able to spew flames, considered to be mythical creatures, but in recent years, alternative professionals are increasingly talking about the fact that dragons could exist in reality. Someone even claims that they are found on Earth to this day.


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