In Sweden, the girl in the lake found an ancient sword

In Sweden, the girl in the lake found an ancient sword

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Scientists estimate the age of the sword in 1,5 thousand years.

The eight-year Saga of Vanecek from Sweden accidentally found the sword, which refers to the era before the advent of the Vikings, floating in the lake. As reports the Internet-the edition with reference to , the sword was found in the lake Weastern in the South of the country. First, scientists have estimated the age of the sword in a thousand years, but now they think he’s older than 1.5 thousand.

The water level in the lake was unusually low because of drought, perhaps that is why Vanecek was able to find the sword. According to the girl’s father, at first he thought that the daughter found in the lake a strange stick or branch. Only after he asked a friend to examine the find, he realized that it was an ancient relic.In the local Museum, which is currently stored artifact, said that it has been preserved extraordinarily well. After the girl found the sword, the researchers conducted excavations at the place of occurrence and found the brooch, which dates from the THIRD century ad.


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