In Poland found the remains of ancient man

In Poland found the remains of ancient man

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Age new finds is from 100 to 115 thousand years.

Polish archaeologists in a cave on the Małopolska upland found human remains, whose age is about 115 thousand years.

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According to Science in Poland, is the most ancient human remains found in the territory of Poland. Until now, the oldest was considered the teeth, discovered in a cave in the kraków-częstochowa upland. Their age is estimated at 42-52 thousands of years.

The remains belonged to a child of a Neanderthal, probably swallowed by a big fish.
Professor Paul valde-Nowak of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow told that bone, the length of which does not exceed one centimeter are the phalanges. This assumption was confirmed by two independent anthropologists from Poland and the USA.

Scientists have noted a characteristic porous surface of the bone, studded with dozens of holes and resembles a strainer. This proves that the child has passed through the digestive system of the big bird. According to the Wald-Novak, this is the first known example from that period.

The researchers suggest that at the time of death of a prehistoric child was 5-7 years. Bones are very poorly preserved, so DNA analysis can not be hold.


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