In the Omsk colony have rebelled prisoners

In the Omsk colony have rebelled prisoners

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The revolt in Omsk colony: versions of FSIN and human rights activists differ

In penal colony № 6, which is located in the Omsk region, the prisoners rebelled and went on a hunger strike. The riots began on the night: one group of inmates attacked the so-called “activists” who beat up other prisoners on the orders of his superiors. This October 7, reported the news edition of “MBH media” human rights activist Lev Ponomarev, writes with reference to

“After that the whole colony sat on a hunger strike and the FPS is going to introduce a riot. Now there heard the shots. Apparently, there is now a storm. Anyone there now are not allowed, and the area cordoned off”, – quotes the website words Ponomarev.

“There are two versions. Official, as always, standard: there really was beaten by several prisoners. That is, it was the clash one with the other prisoners. According to our information, beat activists who helped the management to keep the colony. Just prisoners could not stand the pressure of activists and was a kind of rebellion. I don’t know how it scale. But it has taken several many prisoners entered the riot police and allegedly heard shooting”, – told reporters the defender.

The press service of the Federal penitentiary service claims that the riots began after “a group of negative-minded convicts tried to persuade to disobedience of positive-minded prisoners.””The situation was resolved without the use of physical force and special means” – say in the Department, emphasizing that the deployment of special forces on the territory of the colony was not needed.


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