Scientists told how dangerous global warming

Scientists told how dangerous global warming

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Global warming will plunge the Earth 50 million years ago

It is projected that the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere by the end of the XXI century can reach values, which Earth has not seen for 50 million years, from the early Paleogene. In those days the world was very hot and humid, and Europe was covered with tropical forest. A new study shows that the climate then was even hotter than previously thought, and that humanity needs to prepare for extreme changes at

In many regions of the Earth some days this summer was the record hottest in the history of meteorological observations. However, by the end of the century, these temperatures could become the norm, warns Science Daily. informs

According to a new study, researchers from the University of Bristol (UK), this will happen if you do not limit greenhouse gas emissions.

In this case, the concentration of CO2 at the end of the XXI century will be about 1,000 ppm. These figures correspond to the values of the early Paleogene, 56-48 million years ago.

In those days the Earth was hot, the world warmed due to the greenhouse effect.

To clarify, what was the climate of different regions 50 million years ago – and what it might become in the near future – the researchers conducted a fingerprint analysis of the micro-organisms found in fossil wood (lignite). According to their findings, early Paleogene in Western Europe and New Zealand was much hotter than previously thought. The average annual temperature in these regions was 23-29º With against the current 10-15 degrees.

The researchers ‘ work confirms that unlimited CO2 emissions will make the Earth’s climate is extremely hot even in temperate regions.

The tropics are waiting for the unprecedented drought, and moderate now latitude will turn into the humid tropics, with torrential rains. Actually, this summer in many parts of Europe are truly tropical downpours.

Scientists intend to continue studying anapleurotic fossils from different areas of the planet to more accurately predict climate change.

Humanity expects in the fight against the greenhouse effect will help him tropical forests that absorb CO2. However, it seems people will have to rely on their own strength. A new study shows that tropical forests will soon cease to cope with this problem: there are too actively cut down for agriculture.If the Earth too much carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect threatens the entire biosphere, on Mars the situation is the opposite. New calculations showed that on the red planet so little CO2 that the terraforming projects have to forget. Available gas is not enough to warm up the planet and make it hospitable to life.


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