In space the stars are found with abnormal behavior

In space the stars are found with abnormal behavior

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It turned out that some of the stars moves in the opposite direction.

During the study of the movement of celestial bodies in the milky way, experts have found some objects with unusual behaviour. It is noteworthy that they were moving in the opposite direction relative to other bodies, reports citing .

The space is quite incomprehensible, despite the fact that scientists are constantly discovering the unknown side. So, the astronomers while studying the milky way have been able to find a few stars who behaved absolutely not typical for such objects – unlike the others they are not far from the center of the galaxy, but rather approached it at high speed.

After a detailed study the experts came to the conclusion that these “violators” arrived in the milky way from other space clusters. Presumably, from the Large Magellanic cloud. Such stars in the milky way until count 20, but the number could be much higher.

Some experts have suggested that such a large acceleration of these heavenly bodies could get in a collision with a black hole. According to another version, they can be part of a binary system, which threw them into the milky way after the explosion of their satellites.The experts expressed confidence that the stars originated in the milky way. The cause of the abnormal movement could be contact with one of them absorbed dwarf galaxies. If a star has arisen in the milky way, it is quite old and contains a lot of hydrogen, astronomers say. Objects from other clusters can include a large number of heavy elements. About the composition of stars can be judged by the colors of their glow.


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