Aboard the ISS recorded a strange voice

Aboard the ISS recorded a strange voice

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The video was filmed on the space station.

To the extent known conspiracy theorist and researcher of supernatural phenomena Valentin Degterev made another interesting discovery, this time leaning in a somewhat uncharacteristic for the area, reports citing .

Enthusiast claims that watched the live stream with a webcam on Board the International space station and suddenly heard in the air of something amazing and even in some degree frightening. To describe it only as “the voice of a Ghost or alien”.

This event occurred on the night of 2 October this year, when the ISS was flying over the Indian ocean. On the space station was utterly silent, and the astronauts clearly slept, but at some point the web camera is suddenly fixed in the midst of the sepulchral silence a strange voice nearby. Like someone said in English: “dance, Dance till you drop” – and then laughed out loud and immediately subsided. Despite the fact that sound like human beings, it is very distorted.

Find degtereva has caused a lot of questions from curious onlookers to the users. Who uttered this mysterious phrase? What does it mean? Finally, where a web camera on Board the ISS microphone? Is it necessary? It’s just unnecessary waste of signal recording device on the Ground.Could it be that the audio spontaneously “wedged” in the entry? If so, then we are clearly talking about true mysticism. Or, perhaps, really about the antics of aliens?..


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