Google broke an agreement with the Pentagon

Google broke an agreement with the Pentagon

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The company doesn’t work with the US government.

The development of algorithms for cloud computing the war Department was estimated at $ 10 billion.

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Under pressure from its employees, Google has refused to renew the contract with the Pentagon to develop artificial intelligence for cloud computing.

In addition, the group has released a set of principles. According to this document the user will select the projects that will participate in the company.

“We will not participate in the Joint Defense Enterprise cloud Infrastructure (JEDI), which is implemented by the Pentagon for two reasons. First, we do not believe that these developments are in line with our principles. Second, we realized that there were clauses that we cannot fulfill due to the lack of the required certificate,” – commented the representatives Google. Their words led to the publication Bloomberg.

According to them, however, the company refuses to work with the government of the United States.Earlier it became known that Google stopped other project Patagonum to develop procedures of recognition. the Military was supposed to use this algorithm to implement it on attack drones.


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