On “crooked alley” in Ireland has a picture of a Ghost

On “crooked alley” in Ireland has a picture of a Ghost

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About this place a long time is legendary.

For the first time in history, according to British researchers of supernatural phenomena in Northern Ireland has captured the mythical Ghost of a Grey Lady, reports citing .

And this was not anyhow where, and at the famous alley of the Dark hedges in County Antrim. This place is known for its twisted beeches growing on the sides of a straight road and forming above it a kind of tunnel made of branches. It is no coincidence that this is where they filmed one of the scenes for the popular television series “Game of thrones”.

The legend of the Grey Lady, living in Antrim, originates from the 18th century. Some say that it was the noble lady who committed suicide because of unrequited love. In other words, we are talking about the spirit of a poor girl ill-treated the local count. Anyway, many eyewitnesses claim that the ghostly figure of a woman often materializes here during sunset and hovers over the road, gradually crossing from one tree to another.Photographer Gordon Watson from the city Ballycastle recently visited the Dark hedges in the evening and several times photographed the famed alley. The man did not notice while shooting is nothing unusual, however, after reviewing the images the next day, was shaken to the core. On one of his frames clearly etched grey smoky figure hovering above the road and having a vague human shape. Is this in fact was the spirit of a Grey Lady?

London Ghost hunter and expert in the field of photomontage Kevin McAuley examined the the his compatriot and came to the conclusion that the image is genuine, not subjected to any processing in modern software solutions.In addition, the expert concluded that we can not talk about the cigarette smoke, the patch of fog or dirt on the lens. Whatever was captured by the Watson facility, it was very real and most interesting, inaccessible to human eyes.


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