Scientists plan to create an environmentally friendly engine

Scientists plan to create an environmentally friendly engine

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Scientists have had a chance to get closer to the goal.

New discovery related to the haze in Titan’s atmosphere, revealed new information about burning fuel on the Ground. This writes with reference to .

A chemist from Florida international University Alexander Furniture and an international team of researchers studied the largest moon of Saturn, trying to unravel the mystery that is hidden under dense foggy atmosphere, how its frozen surface can exist in the hydrocarbon dunes? Article about the work published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

After studying the data received from NASA probe “Huygens”, the researchers found hydrocarbons, able to form complex compounds, creating a brown-orange haze layers on Titan, with temperatures reaching 90K or minus 183,5°C.

“Our calculations revealed the reaction mechanism, says the Furniture. – We’ve shown that you don’t need energy for the reaction naftel and obtained vinyl acetylene, so that the reaction should be effective even in conditions of low temperature and low pressure on Titan”.On Titan found benzene is a simple hydrocarbon with a hexagonal molecular structure with one ring. It is considered a building block in the larger hydrocarbon molecules with more complex structures. These multi-ring hydrocarbon molecules known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. Engineers are trying to avoid PAH in combustion processes on Earth.


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