Archaeologists have found the oldest mention of Jerusalem

Archaeologists have found the oldest mention of Jerusalem

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The inscription was made 2000 years ago.

In Israel, found on a stone inscription in Hebrew from the earliest mention of Jerusalem, this inscription dates from the first century of our era.

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The inscription found on the column, which was discovered during excavations. It is reported that the discovery belongs to the Roman construction during the reign of Herod the Great.

The phrase that is engraved on the columns, translated as “Hananiah the son Dadalos from Jerusalem.” The column label will be presented to the public at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem as part of the new special exhibition of the finds from the capital.”As a Jerusalem resident I am extremely happy to read the inscription carved more than 2,000 years ago, especially now, when it will be available to every child, because it is made in clear language, and the modern spelling,” – said the Director of the Museum IDO Bruno.

At the moment, researchers are trying to establish who was Hananiah, mentioned in the inscription.


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